'The Boondocks' Artist's Practical Joke Proved Convincing

I was very concerned to read in the July 4 Sunday comics that "The Boondocks" will be replaced by a strip from the "Star Wars: Episode I" movie. First, I like "The Boondocks." As a white person, I think I need to be challenged and have my consciousness raised. Besides, the cartoons are funny. Second, the Jar Jar Binks character from "Star Wars" is offensive. He's a sort of Stepin Fetchit character with racist undertones. Replacing "The Boondocks" with this "Star Wars" strip is amazingly insensitive. The L.A. Times is better than this. I hope that since "The Boondocks" appeared in today's paper, you've come to your senses.


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Editor's note: It was "Boondocks" artist Aaron McGruder who came to his senses and returned his familiar characters to readers. For his July 4th comic, McGruder was making a statement of his own about the racist overtones of the Jar Jar Binks character. Readers who looked closely may have noticed the comic was still titled "The Boondocks" and that McGruder signed his strip.

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