So What Exactly Was Farrah Fawcett Expecting From the Playboy Shoot?

Gosh! How shocking that Farrah Fawcett encountered misogyny and chauvinism at Playboy of all places ("Reinventing Farrah," by Robin Abcarian, June 6).

Why, the last time I smeared my naked body with gold paint and flung it around in front of a bunch of woman-as-sex-toyplation guys, they couldn't have been sweeter, complimenting me on the rapid firing of my brain synapses. And then when I covered my nude torso with pearlescent glitter and rode bareback around the offices of Larry Flynt, they immediately asked me to give an impromptu discourse on quantum physics for the layperson.

Farrah must be doing it wrong.

Kelly Bailey

Los Angeles


Same old story! What Farrah needs to do is leave the business, grow up and do something worthwhile for someone other than herself. Why don't you stop publishing these awful stories about people sliding downhill and let's get some winners to tell us how they did it.

John Haase

Dana Point


Let's see--Farrah posed nude for Playboy, then did a nude video for them. Yet one of her excuses for acting weird on David Letterman's show was that she was embarrassed about the Playboy pictures of her that Letterman showed to the audience.

Wasn't her reason for being on the show to plug the video? Did she not realize that making the video meant that people were actually going to watch it?

Jessica Sackman

Los Angeles


Farrah seems to me a '90s combination of Joan Crawford and Gloria Swanson. Too bad she didn't audition for the musical "Sunset Boulevard." She'd certainly have fit the part.

Dee Chapman

Los Angeles


It's about time that someone spoke out against Fawcett's constant "battering" of James Orr in the media in a desperate attempt to revive her career.

I really hope she gets lots of work in the future. Maybe then she'll get on with her life.

Tracey Hannum

Beverly Hills


After reading the Farrah Fawcett article, all I can say is, "Poor, poor Redmond (her son)."

Jane Bove

Fountain Valley


I thought I was going to be sick when I saw whom you had on your front cover. First Rodney King, then Susan McDougal and now Farrah Fawcett.

Have you run out of people worth writing about?

Samantha Malone

Santa Monica

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