Beyond Fries and Kisses

Are you a Francophile? Take this quiz and find out.

1. Why do baguettes (French bread) become stale so quickly?

2. On average, how many times a day does a Frenchman visit the bakery?

3. In what year did a Parisian tailor jump off the Eiffel Tower with wings and a cape, believing he could fly?

4. What American state is roughly the same size as France?

5. What is France's largest auto maker?

6. What French author wrote "Planet of the Apes"?

7. What beverage is inappropriate to order with a meal in a French restaurant?

8. What is the second-largest religion in France?

9. Was Napoleon Bonaparte France's only emperor?

10. Where does France rank as a world economic power?

Answers: 1. They contain no fat; 2. Two or three times; 3. 1911; 4. Texas; 5. Renault; 6. Pierre Boule; 7. Coca-Cola; 8. Islam; 9. No. His nephew, Napoleon III, was crowned Emperor in 1852; 10. Fourth.

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