Partying All Night With Tom, Nic

Couldn't have got any hotter at Asia de Cuba on Monday night, when Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman turned it out, up and on for a fabo-fete, thrown in the missus' honor by Esquire. Looking way hotter in person than on the "Women We Love" cover (for which they draped her in a hideous vintage ensemble--was it cowpoke or jungle vixen they were going for?), the leggy redhead was head-to-toe chic in an Asian get-up. Her husband politely, patiently made the Mondrian scene with all the suits and goofballs who wanna do small talk with movie stars. Tom says he's feeling "bittersweet" right about now, proud of "Eyes Wide Shut," sad he can't share it with the master craftsman, director Stanley Kubrick. Still, the party was awfully swellegant Guests such as Andie MacDowell, Portia di Rossi and "American Pie's" Jason Biggs all stayed awhile. The happiest star of the night, however, was Jeff Kravitz, the photog who gets the big gigs. He scored a hug on the way out from Cruise, who thanked him for his work. It takes a big guy to appreciate the labor of others . . .

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