Feiffer Jewels

I am most grateful for the dynamic insight and joyous whimsy of the distinguished Jules Feiffer. His ability to so succinctly and vividly capture the existential dilemma of the artist, in search of his or her place in modern society, speaks to me profoundly. (He draws good too!)

When I was a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach with an undeclared major, the Feb. 4, 1979, Feiffer strip helped me make a prophetic decision to major in acting--a decision that seemed to make my account executive father very, shall we say, "uncomfortable." The character Mr. F sketched even looked like me!

Well, here it is 20 years later, I'm still at it (acting, singing, dancing, writing and producing), and Feiffer "nailed it" once again last Sunday. Now, if he would just write me a screenplay, we could make lots of money and my dad could finally relax!


Los Angeles

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