Garry Marshall

* The actor and director's latest movie, "Runaway Bride," opens Friday. The Toluca Lake resident is also the founder and owner of the Falcon Theatre in Burbank, which is staging SummerSeries, a six-week program of new plays, comedy and music.

Valley Boy: I like the Valley. Unless there's a screening or something special, I don't rush over the hill. I can find culture and food in the 818 area code. I will go over to the Hollywood Bowl, however. I go there almost every week during the summer. But I also enjoy the Falcon Theatre in Burbank. They have kids' matinees every Saturday and Sunday. I take my grandchildren, kids from the neighborhood.

A League of Their Own: I love softball. On Saturday, I play for a team called the Pacemakers in the over-40 North Hollywood League. On Sunday, I play in the over-50 Burbank League and sometimes I play with the Falcon Theatre team. I'm a punch-hitter. I can hit to all fields, but I have to hit it well or else it could be a double play. I wear a brace on my knee now and I don't run too well. As a fielder, anything above my knees I do well with. I'm one of the older players, but I still play with the kids. They play hard. In the over-50 league, everyone always says "How ya feeling?" And the answer is, "I'm here." Like if you're there, that's an answer. I have to write some new dialogue.

Just Do It: Sports keeps me young. I play tennis with the Van Patten family. And I'm a big fan of football. I was a big Rams fan and a big Raiders fan, so that left a gap when they left town. So I'm playing more sports than I'm watching now.

Family Matters: It's always nice here. The weather is one of the enjoyable things about living in California. Sometimes we'll go the beach, usually Malibu. Lots of times, we go to Universal City, to the movies. But I don't really like that crowd, so we'll go at 4 o'clock. Or we'll go someplace that plays the offbeat art films. But every Sunday night, that's quiet time. I always go out and have dinner with my wife. We'll go to Vitello's Restaurant in Studio City. It's a nice family restaurant. You don't have to get dressed up. And they know me there. They even have a dish named after me: Pollo de Garry Marshall. It's chicken with peas, potatoes in a light tomato sauce. I don't order that all the time, though.

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