Expanded Coverage of Personal Technology

Every Thursday in Business, The Times now offers a page or pages devoted to news, trends and advice on personal technology--from consumer electronics to personal computing to telecommunications. The "Cutting Edge: Focus on Personal Technology" builds on the section's daily technology coverage and the focus on tech in Monday's Cutting Edge pages.

Among today's stories:

* The modern-day squirt gun is rife with high-tech innovation--and an engineering staff is working to bring even snazzier models to the arsenal. A1

* The latest fodder for phone service complaints is "sliding"--the unauthorized switching of local toll-call providers. C1

* GameSpy wants to become the ultimate search engine of the broadband age, an online entertainment warehouse that blurs the line between music, games and video. C6

* Your Internet Guide lists recommended Web sites and upcoming Internet happenings. C6

* Gamers' Corner reviews "Tarzan." C6

* Other technology news appears on C7

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