Dead Bat Found at School Was Rabid

A dead bat found last week on the campus of Linda Vista Adventist Elementary School in Oxnard was rabid, health officials said Wednesday.

The bat was found by Principal Barbara Ogle about 7:30 a.m. Thursday.

Although a couple of children were standing in the area where the bat was found, health officials said no one came into direct contact with the animal.

Ogle said she used a small piece of paper to scoop the bat into a glass jar.


The bat was picked up by animal control employees, who delivered it to health officials for examination, according to Marilyn Billimek, a county public health nurse.

“Nobody handled it and nobody was exposed to it. They dealt with it perfectly,” Billimek said.

It’s the fourth rabid bat discovered in Ventura County this year. A rabid bat was found in Oxnard in January in the area of Rialto Street.

Health officials warn that anyone who comes in contact with a bat should see a doctor immediately for treatment. All pets should also be vaccinated against rabies.