Cornfield Development

Chinatown in downtown Los Angeles has had a difficult history. It has been moved, criticized, physically attacked and occasionally praised. One constant in the history is that its actual residents have had little to say about what happens to their community. Therefore it should come to no surprise that once again issues regarding development in Chinatown are being decided by those who only come to Chinatown to eat.

The Times was correct in its March 25 editorial ("Cornfield of Dreams") that the input of the Chinatown community needs to be considered before the Cornfield development project is finally approved. There are hundreds of families who live in this community whose income is below average and who deserve better. Leaders in the community have raised substantial issues such as quality of life, educational concerns, traffic and what type of jobs the development will actually bring to the community. While Majestic Realty has the right, as the owner, to develop the property, as a good corporate citizen it needs to reexamine the Cornfield project. The needs and wishes of the Chinatown community must come first.


Rancho Palos Verdes


Your editorial is an inspiring example of action by a community in need of a school site. It has inspired me to call attention to a small school in the Valley, also in need. Noble Elementary School on Noble Avenue near Roscoe Boulevard was built to accommodate 700 students. This year it has an enrollment of 1,802; it will have 1,900 in 2001-02.

The former playground is now wall-to-wall bungalow classrooms. The remaining play area is minuscule; there is nowhere for the children to run and play. There is an empty lot on Roscoe Boulevard, abutting the school property, that would be perfect for playground expansion.

The principal has been begging the school bureaucracy for the last three years to at least take a look at this potential property. They don't seem to hear her.


Pacific Palisades

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