Services to School Site

* Re “Oxnard District Comes Under Fire for Action on Proposed School Site,” Dec. 14.

I am stunned that the Oxnard mayor and City Council would unanimously agree to such a divisive compact as the provision of water, sewer and other services to the proposed Emerson Road site for Juan Soria School and authorize signing an as yet unfinished, unseen final agreement without so much as a public hearing.

Having read about the controversy over this site and the twists and turns in the road that led up to the LAFCO [Local Agency Formation Commission] rejection of the plan, it is mind-boggling that our council would plunge into this stupid act of contrariness.

In 10 years of living in Oxnard, the only thing that has impressed me about our local government is the determination to disregard the facts and race full steam ahead into one bad decision after another.


Other examples of this lack of vision and thoughtfulness include the determination to proceed with the downtown movie theater while many theaters are going bankrupt, the residential for-profit halfway house downtown that had to be bought out with taxpayer dollars, the failed baseball team, the River Ridge football camp, the languishing outlet mall, the huge “unforeseen” tax breaks for the developer of the old Esplanade site that became necessary only after the demolition was completed, the fruitless suits against the Ventura mall project, and the new purple and yellow road and street signs that are so difficult to read.