Company Sued Over Sale of Autism and Down Syndrome ‘Miracle Cure’

From Associated Press

San Diego authorities have filed a criminal lawsuit against a Nevada company that claimed to have a miracle cure for autism and trisomy Down syndrome.

The city attorney’s office charges that a Web site run by Little Angels Inc. offered to sell a jumbo shot of the hormone secretin for $200.

Based on a citizen’s complaint, an undercover agent arranged to meet a Little Angels representative in a motel room in the San Ysidro district of San Diego, the city attorney’s office said Thursday.

The agent bought two vials of a substance labeled as secretin powder, syringes and hypodermic needles from a Little Angels office manager who was not a licensed physician or pharmacist.


An analysis of the substance found no detectable level of secretin, which is approved for use in diagnosing gastrointestinal illnesses but not as a treatment for autism, the city attorney’s office said.

The criminal case filed this week in San Diego Superior Court charges several defendants with selling adulterated, misbranded and new and unapproved drugs, improperly acting as pharmacists, and false advertising.