Heidi Duckler

* The Collage Dance Theatre artistic director's latest work, "Sub Versions," opens Saturday at L.A.'s Subway Terminal Building.

A Family Who Eats Together . . .: My weekend starts when I pick up my kids from school. They all have crazy plans so we practically have to draw a map to coordinate who goes where. But if we're all together, our favorite thing is to have sushi at Iroha or Asanebo in Studio City.

Life in the Arts Lane: We see a lot of dance at the UCLA Center for the Performing Arts. For local dance, we go to Grand Performances, or sometimes Highways, where they also have interesting programs. Or we'll go to art openings at MOCA or Bergamot Station.

Good Workout: Saturday morning I work out at Doves Bodies in Studio City. It gives me the strength to get me though my weekend. The woman who leads my class is a former dancer, and her class is all about endurance.

Gallery Walk: While my girls are in ballet, I go to the art galleries around La Brea Avenue. I just sort of see what's up. I like to keep abreast of what's going on in the visual art world.

Resale Queen: I like to go flea marketing and thrift shopping--scouting for cultural icons and props for new shows. I love the monthly flea market at Pasadena City College. And St. Vincent De Paul's thrift shop on San Fernando Road. There's a big as-is bin in the back, and you never know what will be in there. I collect old appliances, just as beautiful icons. I have a juicer and hair drier, irons and a Mixmaster, and a toaster collection.

Live Snack Food: I could pick up a snack in Koreatown. I don't know where I go because I can't read any of the signs. I'm not a very good return customer. I have discovered that while I love live music and live dance, I don't like live octopus, which I had recently.

After Work: Sunday, I rehearse all day, then call my husband on the cell phone on the way home to make sure he has a martini waiting for me.

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