Jet Blast Demolishes Van Gundy’s Car

Associated Press

In an accident as the New York Knicks arrived home from Miami, a jet blast from their charter plane lifted Coach Jeff Van Gundy’s car airborne and sent it hurdling over three other vehicles.

Van Gundy’s car, a 1995 Honda Civic, was “totally demolished,” police said.

Also extensively damaged were Knick guard Allan Houston’s 1997 Mercedes, assistant coach Brendan Malone’s 1999 Lincoln and the car belonging to the team’s media relations director.


The cars had been driven onto the tarmac at Westchester County Airport at Harrison, N.Y., as the charter arrived at 3 a.m. EDT.

As the plane taxied toward that area, the pilot revved one of the engines in order to turn the plane. The blast sent Van Gundy’s car spinning over the tops of the other cars.


Lamar Odom of the Clippers was named to the league’s all-rookie team.

Chicago’s Elton Brand and Houston’s Steve Francis, who tied in the voting for NBA rookie of the year, were joined by Minnesota’s Wally Szczerbiak and Cleveland’s Andre Miller on the first team.