Lindsay Crouse


The actress is appearing in “The Weir” at the Geffen Playhouse through March 11.

Outdoor Living: My favorite weekend would be spent outdoors as much as possible. I love to hike in the Santa Monica Mountains, and there are many trails that are accessible here in the Palisades. From some you can see the ocean and others go up toward Topanga. And there are paths in Malibu that have wonderful wild flowers. I’ve been confronted by mother and baby deer and lots of little rabbits. Out there you get to experiences the thing that most people don’t realize: that L.A. has four seasons. If I could choose any fantasy, I would find a stable to get some horses and go on a trail ride all day.

Far and Aweigh: I enjoy anything that takes you away from the phone, going someplace where you can clear your head and enjoy things like the air and the sky. Taking the ferry to Catalina to go hiking or snorkeling or diving is great. Catalina is just a little bit away, a great place to have a day or a couple of days, though truthfully, I like to go in the middle of the week when the crowds aren’t there. We dream of buying a boat so we could sail over there and stay in the harbor on the boat.

Stages of Development: I love to go to see small theater companies to see what they’re up to, what they’re doing. Like the Interact Theatre Co. or Deaf West, the deaf theater company that is extraordinary. Or, the Neurotic Young Urbanites, who are wonderful.


Self Improv-ment: This may seem odd, but Gary Austin, a wonderful acting and improv teacher, runs an incredible weekend workshop. It’s kind of immersion in the most fun that you could possibly have. There’s a timeless quality to it, too, because you’re there for so long. When you emerge, you just go Oh! I’m in Los Angeles. It’s a great feeling to forget where you are and the time.