Objects Thrown at Vehicles on I-5; CHP Investigating


The California Highway Patrol on Tuesday launched an investigation to determine who has been tossing objects at vehicles from a Golden State Freeway overpass.

On Monday night, big rig driver Anthony Weaver of Fountain Valley was hit in the shoulder by a rock that crashed through his windshield as he drove beneath the overpass near the North Broadway exit in Lincoln Heights, Officer Karen Faciame said.

A few minutes later, about 10:45 p.m., Howard Weitzman of Encino was hit by a brick while driving on the same stretch of freeway, she said.


“I pulled over and stopped in front of a diesel truck, which also had a hole in its windshield on the driver’s side,” Weitzman said Tuesday. “The truck driver showed me the rock that hit him. Later, I found a 5-pound red brick in my back seat.

“Obviously, this was a deliberate attack--someone was trying to damage vehicles and possibly kill somebody,” he added. “The city should consider putting up chain link fences wherever pedestrians cross if that’s what it takes to make it safer for people to drive.”

Both men were treated at the scene for scratches, authorities said.

“When our officers arrived at the scene,” Faciame said, “they found that an unknown person had bricks and rocks lined up on a ledge of the overpass.”