San Pedro Pleasures

Craig Nakano missed one of the greatest pleasures of San Pedro in his Weekend Escape article ("Unwinding in San Pedro," June 3). On Friday night it is fun to sit in a restaurant at the Ports O' Call Village shopping center along the channel and wave to the passengers on the great cruise ships.

San Pedro has many fine walks along the shore. A visit to the Korean American Friendship Bell in Angels Gate Park overlooking the Pacific Ocean is unforgettable. San Pedro is home to artists, diverse ethnic populations, seamen, the Warner Grand Theater, fine restaurants and nice hotels. It deserves more attention in the Travel section.


Palm Springs


Thanks so much for your kind article about our wonderful town. It is most encouraging when a journalist takes the time to explore and appreciate the real San Pedro; so few media folks will come south of the 105 Freeway.


San Pedro


A high school friend who knew I once lived in San Pedro sent me a copy of your article. He wanted to know if it brought back any childhood memories. Indeed it did. This 68-year-old retiree savored every word in your story.


Virginia Beach, Va.

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