Celebrity Samosas

We hear that John Travolta occasionally drops by the Bharat Bazaar in Culver City to pick up samosas. Well, the rest of us can pick them up too, any day but Tuesday, when the shop is closed. The big samosas--two or three would make a meal--are stuffed with potatoes and peas, seasoned with the bazaar's own blend of garam masala and other spices. Small, appetizer-size samosas have to be special-ordered in party-sized batches. Green chutney to go with the samosas is on hand too. Bharat Bazaar makes it with mint and cilantro, onions and serrano chile, then puts in a couple of unfamiliar spices--tangy mango powder and ground pomegranate seeds.

Samosas, 95 cents; appetizer samosas, 40 cents (by special order only); mint and cilantro chutney, $1.25 at the Bharat Bazaar, 11510 Washington Blvd., Culver City. (310) 398-6766.

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