TodayAlternative Rock--Noon: Radiohead was formed in 1988...


Alternative Rock--Noon: Radiohead was formed in 1988 by a group of Oxford University students. Check out Radiohead in this video Webcast, recorded in Dublin, Ireland.

Contemporary Music--Noon: One of the most anticipated events of Summerfest 2001 was an event dubbed "An Evening of Guitars and Saxes." The event brought together musicians including former Avenue Blue guitarist Jeff Golub, former Jefferson Starship guitarist Craig Chaquico and session saxophonist Warren Hill. This video Webcast was recorded July 6 at Summerfest 2001 in Milwaukee.

Chat--6 p.m.: Frank Oz has directed some of Hollywood's biggest stars in a string of comedies. But for his latest film, "The Score," Oz switched gears for a dramatic film. It stars Marlon Brando and Robert DeNiro. Listen in on this chat with Oz.


Rock--Noon: Freshwater Collins is a Milwaukee-based rock band formed in 1996 when guitarist Andy Gulotta and singer-guitarist Chris Vos found a common interest in the slide guitar. The band has become a regular on the Midwest college circuit, landing opening gigs for bands such as the Jayhawks, the Jerry Garcia Band and Citizen King. This video Webcast was recorded July 7 at Summerfest 2001 in Milwaukee.


Classical--All Day: Christopher Warren-Green directs the London Chamber Orchestra in this performance of Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" and Elgar's "Serenade for Strings in E minor." Recorded at St. John's, Smith Square in London.


Blues--Noon: John Popper's hyper-electric harmonica is the highlight of the band Blues Traveler. Formed in Princeton, N.J., 12 years ago, the group has woven itself into the fabric of the blues scene. This video Webcast was recorded July 8 at Summerfest 2001 in Milwaukee.


Chat--5 p.m.: A few months back, Cold made nasty headlines when the band pulled out of Ozzfest. Now it is once again basking in the adoration of loyal fans. Tune in to this chat with the band.


Chat--Noon: Sharon Wick will give you the inside scoop on what's happening in San Francisco. She'll talk about the best restaurants and new hotels, as well as give advice to those planning on relocating to the City by the Bay.

Chat--10 a.m.: Barry Bonds reached the 500-home-run milestone this season. He has led the majors with a pace of one homer every 9.8 at-bats. Chat with Bonds and ask him about the daily pressures of being a Major League ball player.


Chat--4 p.m.: Do you want to know what kind of pet fits your lifestyle? Join the hosts of Animal Talk Radio for a chat about animals.


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