Children's Testimony Against Their Father

Re "Children's Testimony in Case Assailed," July 26: I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this article! Are these lawyers serious? Can they possibly be that naive? The lawyers are worried about Marco Barrera's children having to deal with the ramifications of their testimony for the rest of their lives and wondering if the district attorney's office is going to pay for a lifetime of therapy that the kids are going to need because of testifying against their father.

Excuse me, but aren't these children going to need a lifetime of therapy anyway, because of the brutal violence and daily beatings they experienced? The violent deaths of their brother and sister, which they witnessed, and being told not to tell anyone or they would be next are enough to scar them for life. Barrera is a cold-blooded killer who feels no remorse for his actions. A prison cell is too good for him. Actually, lethal injection is too good for him.

I pray for these children that they get the closure they need in this case and never have to worry another day that their father will hurt them. Yes, they will need a lot of therapy, but not because they testified against him.

Jill Furbish

Trabuco Canyon

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