Breathing New Life Into L.A. County's Unmourned Dead

Lisa Leff's cover story left me numb ("Death Without a Ripple," May 6). Jane Doe #59's last meal was rice. It made me wonder if she enjoyed it. Did she eat alone or with a loved one? Was it prepared by a loved one or the monster who took her life? The article showed a part of the world that we do not know much about. And if we block it out, we are turning our backs on our own kind.

Ernie R. Acosta



Although Jane Doe #59 might be dead, buried and unidentified, Leff brought her back to life. Thank you.

Monica Wolfson

Wichita Falls, Texas


A close friend of mine died recently, leaving no known next of kin, and thus became one of the wards of the coroner's Identification and Notification Section. The coroner's staff was patient and courteous every time I called, and while no relatives of my colleague have been located, I was impressed with the staff's professional attitude and willingness to explain developments in my friend's case. I would like to thank the Tolberts and their associates for all their support.

Tessa Lucero

Canyon Country

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