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* Re "Suds Aren't About to Settle in Dispute Over Carwash Sign," March 13: The Studio City Hand Car Wash owner erected his sign without receiving a permit or following city codes. The homeowners association went nuts. After intense pressure from the homeowners group, and despite some community support for the sign, the City Council worked out a deal involving some adjustments to the sign itself and a $6,000 fine.

Ben Forat, the carwash owner, says he "offered to pay the $6,000" but that City Councilman Joel Wachs' office "asked him to increase the amount to $20,000." The Times quotes Wachs' planning deputy Dale Thrush [on the proposed $6,000 payment]: "It struck me that that wasn't going to get us much." Who is this Dale Thrush? Who exactly is the "us" he refers to? The leadership of the Studio City Residents' Assn., for whom removing the sign has become a mania? Thrush's is a shameful and vindictive maneuver (a greater threat than any kitschy sign) and must be illegal.


Studio City


Regarding your article: It seems to me that people with too much time on their hands are always pointing the finger somewhere.


Sherman Oaks

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