Toledo Hopes Rest Provides an Elixir

The Bruins haven’t had much to be thankful for lately.

Four consecutive losses, including a 27-0 collapse against USC, have a way of sapping the spirit of being grateful--but Coach Bob Toledo gave the team something to enjoy Tuesday: a week without practice.

The extent of the players’ workweek turned out to be team meetings and light conditioning Monday and Tuesday before Toledo let them go.

“He wants everybody to just get away for a few days and get re-energized for when they come back,” spokesman Marc Dellins said.


UCLA’s next game is against Arizona State on Dec. 1 at the Rose Bowl.

A bowl game is also a virtual certainty for the Bruins (6-4, 3-4 in Pacific 10 Conference play).

In the meantime, UCLA has not decided whether to appeal to the NCAA to restore the eligibility of DeShaun Foster.

Sports law authority Robert C. Berry, who was retained by Foster, has contacted UCLA Associate Athletic Director Betsy Stephenson regarding a possible appeal.


“She’s listening, there’s no question about that,” Berry said. “She’s trying to assess the situation just as much as I am. She’s not turning a deaf ear to anything.”

The NCAA declared Foster ineligible for driving a 2002 Ford Expedition leased by actor-director Eric Laneuville.

If an appeal is filed by UCLA, an NCAA subcommittee on athlete reinstatement would take two days to review the appeal before informing UCLA of its decision.