Guinness Stunts in California Take Honors for High Flying, Low Flipping

The 2002 issue of the Guinness Book of Records is out, and I was proud to read that history’s first “in-line skate double back flip” was executed by Jason Stinsman last January at Van Nuys Airport.

I just wonder what the air traffic controllers thought.

Speaking of spacey items: Guinness also reports that “a miniature dachshund, Brutus the sky-diving dog, excelled with a jump from a plane at an altitude of 15,000 feet above Lake Elsinore, Calif., on May 20, 1997. Brutus currently boasts 71 skydives in his canine career.”

Brutus wins the “Down, boy!” award.

More local honors: Pasadena’s Bunny Museum, with 8,437 bunny-themed items, was saluted by Guinness in its Collectors category, as was Altadena’s 17,000-item Banana Museum. Guinness, however, called the Banana’s curator “Kevin” Bannister, though his first name is Ken. Oh, well, everyone has a slip now and then.

Westside story: In the movie “Legally Blonde,” Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) cites her high-society credentials this way: “I grew up across the street from Aaron Spelling’s house in Bel-Air.”

Spelling’s 55,000-square foot, 123-room abode, by the way, also made the Guinness book. It’s really in Holmby Hills, though. Unless, Spelling’s contractor added on Bel-Air.


Spelling also was listed in the book as history’s “most prolific television producer,” with shows totaling 3,842 hours of air time. Incidentally, I believe all but 11 minutes of that time showed women in skimpy outfits.

On the road: By some speed bumps in Queensland, Australia, Laurie Rodli of La Canada Flintridge came across a humorous pair of accompanying signs (see photo). The bumps are intended to slow motorists and protect the area’s flightless cassowary birds.

What must the neighbors think? Don Waln of Bakersfield sent along a for-sale ad for a house that would be ideal for occupants who don’t mind a bit of strife (see accompanying).

Somewhat similar to Hollywood agents? The Long Beach Aquarium has an exhibit of sea jellies, described as “mysterious creatures with no heart, brain or eyes.”

No doubt decorating a college dorm now: The Burbank Leader’s police log reported that “someone allegedly stole a $3,000 Disney movie advertisement for the movie ‘Shrek’ ” from an AMC Theater lobby. “One man was allegedly seen carrying the character cutout upstairs and out of the theater’s lobby.”

It did sound familiar: Phil Proctor heard comic Jay Leno say: “There’s no authority in Afghanistan right now. All these different ethnic groups. . . . People are in the streets armed and shooting guns. So, it’s just like L.A., except without the traffic.”


Speaking of the joys of driving, the DMV’s Web site lists almost 200 personalized plates that contain the word “rude,” including the one spotted by Russell Hightower of Van Nuys (see photo). There’s also a RUDEMOM, RUDEDAD and RUDEBOY. All one, uh, happy family?


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