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“An Insider’s Tips for Festive Dining” by M. Stewart (see other works by M. Stewart including “101 Uses for Corn Husks” and “Early Parole: It’s a Good Thing”), 666 pages, Schadenfreude Press

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Editorial Reviews


From Publishers Weekly: “Ms. Stewart applies her domestic wizardry to the preparation and presentation of holiday meals. Chock-full of hard-to-spot shortcuts, this book shows how to make a Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner that appears to cost considerably more than it actually does. Not for the ethically squeamish.”

From the Wall Street Journal: “A savvy mix of homemaking knowledge and business acumen makes this book one of a kind. From the mock turkey to the sour grapes stuffing, Ms. Stewart makes holiday faux feasting a snap.”

Customer Reviews of this book:

Average customer review ***


**** “This was the best holiday cookbook I’ve seen in years. I had to eat a lot of crow this December and Ms. Stewart’s book provides a dozen different palatable recipes.”

-- Trent Lott

* “I was not impressed. Ms. Stewart claims to be able to stretch a meal to feed everyone at the table. I’ve been trying to do that with tax cuts for the last two years and it’s impossible to distribute them beyond the wealthy few. Ms. Stewart’s recipes may work in the big house but not in the White House.”

-- G. W. Bush


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**** “Fantastic! I thought I knew all the shortcuts and hiding places. But Ms. Stewart was able to show even me a few new dirty tricks in the kitchen. I particularly enjoyed her recipes for Conflict of Interest Casserole and Sell Your Sole Amandine.”

-- Henry Kissinger

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