Abby Travis

The singer, songwriter and bassist, whose last record was “Cutthroat Standards and Black Pop,” has played with Beck, Elastica, the Meat Puppets and KMFDM.

The Greatest Show on Earth: I like going to Makeup, where I often play. It’s the first Saturday of every month at the El Rey, and there’s a different theme each month. The thing I love about Makeup is that even though I have played with some legitimate rock star-type acts, Makeup feels more like when you’re a child and you’re playing air guitar. It’s got this really wonderful pretend quality to it that I enjoy, and it’s great for people-watching because everyone gets really dressed up.

Dark and Red: Taylor’s on 8th and Normandie is one of my favorite restaurants in L.A. It’s an old steakhouse, and it’s super good. Usually, I order the London broil, which is the least expensive entree and it’s my favorite. It’s got those old red vinyl booths with the buttons in them. It reminds me of places that I used to go with my grandparents when I was a kid, places that are no longer here.

Yummy: Sometimes I go to Bar Marmont on Sundays. They have this one drink, and I don’t remember what it’s called, but it’s got vodka and freshly cut mint leaves in it and they put sugar around the edges. It’s sort of like a lemon drop but minty. It’s like candy. It’s so yummy. And the whole place starts to smell like mint because a lot of people order it.

Out With the Dogs: I take the dogs hiking a lot. There’s a little place off Mulholland Drive that I like to go to because it’s shady and there’s an outlook and a little waterfall area when there’s enough rain. It’s west of Laurel Canyon Dog Park, which I go to as well. And then sometimes I will go up to Bronson Canyon with the dogs because they have the caves over there, which is fun. That’s a nice Sunday afternoon, a little hiking with the dogs, maybe a bubble bath and “The Sopranos.”


Tropical Fruit: I like to go to antique stores on Magnolia Boulevard out in the Valley. They have some good places out there. And I love to go to costume stores. I found the best place to get costumes is in Las Vegas, because they have all these old showgirl outfits. I got a really good Carmen Miranda fruit hat and I got a really beautiful headdress out there. I was just driving downtown and there was an industrial-looking building that said “costumes,” and I made a U-turn.