6th trip down the aisle for ‘The Kid’

“Love is more pleasant than marriage for the same reason that novels are more amusing than history,” author Nicolas Chamfort said.

Love and marriage have both struck on the Left Coast, proving that “The Kid” is still staying in the picture. Yes, I’m talking about the indestructible legend, 72-year-old Bob Evans.

His wedlock to the leggy, 34-year-old former Versace model Leslie Ann Woodward has been rumored more than once of late. But the actual ceremony didn’t take place until last weekend on a beach in Mexico.

Evans has seldom met a woman he didn’t charm. And a lot of those same women he married. This is Woodward’s first time at the beach, which substituted for the altar. She follows a list of lovely past Mrs. Evanses: Sharon Hugueny, Ali MacGraw, Phyllis George, Camilla Sparv and Catherine Oxenberg.


Even though Evans has said “I do” five times previously and has, like Elizabeth Taylor, vowed each time never to wed again -- he’s just a boy who can’t say no.

The producer’s wedding gifts to his latest bride include sapphire and diamond earrings, a diamond crucifix and a pearl-and-diamond necklace.

This wedding was no simple affair. Fifty mariachis on horseback serenaded. Evans had director Brett Ratner and his son, Josh, as groomsmen. Among the 30 guests were actor Matthew McConaughey, lawyer Robert Shapiro and Variety’s Peter Bart. Having a hit documentary out, “The Kid Stays in the Picture,” just wasn’t enough excitement for Evans. He had to get married once again.