Showing Respect for Open Land, Wildlife

To all in Orange County and visitors to this wonderful state: Whether you live in North County, South County or are a part of California natives or visitors using California’s existing roads, please allow Californians to keep some of their undeveloped land ... undeveloped! We need a bit of habitat for animals, and a huge “breath of fresh air” for all the people who appreciate the beauty that was once so synonymous with California.

Marlene Aragon

Aliso Viejo



Re “Klamath River Administration May Cut Klamath’s Flow Again,” Oct. 11:

As a second-generation owner of riverfront property on the lower Klamath, I was appalled by your picture on page B8. In spite of shrill warnings last year, the Bush administration irresponsibly and arrogantly destroys 30,000 salmon, and just to make sure none survive, allows angling. (They don’t look like Indians, either.)

They’re no fools; kill off the fish, and our complaints become irrelevant. Is their concern the small family farmer? No. The few unabsorbed by huge, subsidized conglomerates are themselves subsidized. In fact, vast tracts of farmland sit untilled across the country, their small towns boarded up. The Native Americans understand we ignore the rules of nature at our peril. We should start to listen.

Pam Horner

San Clemente