YANKEES: Angels 0, Yankees 0--Oh goody, Tim McCarver is back. We won’t be able to tell how loud the crowd is over his droning. Alfonso Soriano struck out swinging. Derek Jeter singled to right. Jason Giambi was hit by a pitch. Bernie Williams grounded into a 4-3 double play. No runs, one hit, one left.

ANGELS: Angels 0, Yankees 0--David Eckstein singled to left. Darin Erstad grounded into a 3-6 double play. Tim Salmon flied to right. No runs, no hits.



YANKEES: Yankees 1, Angels 0--Jorge Posada singled to right. Raul Mondesi flied to center. Ron Coomer, who was a hot prospect with the Dodgers in 1950, singled to shallow left, Posada taking third. Robin Ventura doubled off the wall in right-center, Posada scoring, Coomer stopping at third. Juan Rivera grounded to third. Soriano flied to right. One run, three hits, two left.

ANGELS: Yankees 1, Angels 0--Garret Anderson grounded to second. Troy Glaus flied to center. They showed Reggie Jackson, and Reggie acknowledged the camera. That’s a surprise, because Reggie usually shuns the spotlight. Scott Spiezio flied to right. No runs, no hits.


YANKEES: Yankees 1, Angels 0--Jeter grounded to third. Giambi struck out swinging. Williams singled to center. Posada grounded to third. No runs, one hit, one left.


ANGELS: Angels 1, Yankees 1--Shawn Wooten singled to center. Bengie Molina sacrificed. Benji Gil singled to left, Wooten stopping at third. Eckstein grounded to second, but the ball went through Soriano’s legs, Wooten scoring, Gil to third. David Wells shook his head and was upset after the play. The Yankees sure get annoyed at their teammates easily. That “team of class” stuff is not true. Erstad grounded into a 4-6-3 double play. One run, two hits, one left.


YANKEES: Angels 1, Yankees 1--Jack Nicholson is in the crowd. When does he ever find time to make movies? Wonder if he was one of the fans who camped out the night before playoff tickets went on sale. Probably not. Mondesi walked. Coomer fouled out to right. Ventura grounded into a 3-6-3 double play. No runs, no hits.

ANGELS: Angels 1, Yankees 1--Salmon hit a grounder to the left of the pitcher’s mound and Wells threw the ball away, Salmon taking second. Soriano should come over and shake his head at Wells now. Anderson flied to center. Glaus grounded to third. Spiezio flied to center. No runs, no hits, one left.



YANKEES: Yankees 2, Angels 1--Rivera grounded to third, Glaus’ throw was too high, pulling Spiezio off the bag, so Rivera was safe. Soriano doubled to left. Jeter flied to left, Rivera scoring. Good thing Anderson is left-handed. A right-handed left fielder would not have made the catch. Giambi flied to left. Williams lined to third. One run, two hits, one error, one left.

ANGELS: Angels 9, Yankees 2--Time for another of those lame Fox Instapolls. Here’s one for you: How many think the Instapoll is a waste of time and get annoyed that the dumb thing takes up half the screen while the game is going on? Wooten got a fat pitch to hit and homered to left. McCarver pointed out how many solo homers Wooten has hit. It’s really, really hard to hit a two-run homer when you lead off the inning, Tim. Molina flied to right. Gil singled up the middle. Eckstein grounded a hit-and-run single to right, Gil to third. It’s about 150 degrees in Edison Field, and some guy in the stands has his 5-year-old dressed in a monkey suit. Nice parenting skills. Erstad hit a ball that fell behind Soriano into center, Gil scoring, Eckstein to second. Soriano better hope all the league MVP votes were in before this series started. Salmon singled to left, Eckstein scoring, Erstad to third. Anderson singled to right, Erstad scoring, Salmon to third. Glaus flied to right. Spiezio singled to left, Salmon scoring, Anderson to second. Ramiro Mendoza pitching. Wooten singled to center, Anderson scoring, Spiezio to second. Molina doubled to left, Spiezio and Wooten scoring. Wow, the Angels are taking the Yankees to school. Orlando Hernandez pitching. Gil singled to center, Molina to third. Eckstein flied to center. Eight runs, 10 hits, two left.



YANKEES: Angels 9, Yankees 3--Brendan Donnelly pitching. Posada homered to center. Mondesi flied to center. Nick Johnson hit for Coomer and struck out swinging. Ventura walked. Rivera bounced to third. One run, one hit, one left.

ANGELS: Angels 9, Yankees 3--Erstad flied to center. Salmon struck out swinging. Anderson struck out swinging. No runs, no hits.


YANKEES: Angels 9, Yankees 4--Soriano popped to second. Jeter singled to left. Scott Schoeneweis pitching. Giambi singled to right, Jeter to second. Francisco Rodriguez pitching. Williams walked, loading the bases. The runners moved up a base on a wild pitch, Jeter scoring. Posada struck out swinging. Mondesi walked. Johnson grounded back to the pitcher. One run, two hits, three left.


ANGELS: Angels 9, Yankees 4--Glaus struck out swinging. Spiezio singled to left. Wooten popped to second. Molina popped to second. No runs, one hit, one left.


YANKEES: Angels 9, Yankees 4--Ventura flied to left. Rivera struck out swinging. Soriano struck out swinging. This Rodriguez kid might have a future in this game. No runs, no hits.

ANGELS: Angels 9, Yankees 4--Steve Karsay pitching. Adam Kennedy hit for Gil and flied to right. Eckstein grounded to short. With the count 1-and-1, Joe Torre removed Karsay and brought in Mike Stanton. That’s weird. Angel fans are waving their Rally Monkeys. Hello, the Angels are leading already. Don’t waste the power of the Rally Monkey. Erstad doubled to left. Salmon popped to first. No runs, one hit, one left.



YANKEES: Angels 9, Yankees 5--Troy Percival pitching. Jeter struck out swinging. Giambi flied to center. Williams singled to center. Williams took second on defensive indifference. Posada singled to right, Williams to third. This can’t be happening, can it? Is the Angel jinx alive and well? Mondesi singled off Kennedy’s glove, Williams scoring, Posada to second. Johnson popped to short. The Yankee dynasty is officially over. One run, three hits, two left.