The Signs Were There in a Child Killer Case

Michael Weinberger wonders how he could have prevented his son’s murderous rampage (“Confession of a Child Killer,” by Tim Reiterman, Sept. 15). Outside sources say that Justin Weinberger exhibited abnormal signs, including a violent temper and withdrawn demeanor--signs of depression. Isn’t that sufficient for his father to see that he needed immediate intervention? These are not defenses for the murder of Courtney Sconce, only explanations for a life slipping away and the absence of parental guidance.

Susan Roth

Long Beach


“Fortunately,” the article states, “there was a way to rule out suspects--DNA testing.” Unfortunately, thousands of criminal cases remain unsolved because there aren’t enough analysts to process DNA evidence. DNA samples collected from victims of violent crime in Los Angeles may not be tested for months or years. Unless we work to educate the community about the threat to public health caused by the grave shortage of personnel, the potential benefit of DNA testing to identify suspects more quickly will be lost.

Linda K. Bradlyn

North Hollywood