The Gubernator

Michael Soller is a PhD candidate in history at UCLA.

In announcing his candidacy for California governor last week, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger pledged that politicians (like Gray Davis) who don’t serve the people they represent “are hasta la vista, baby,” a line from his 1991 role in “Terminator 2.” Schwarzenegger may be short on political experience, but after 30 years in movies he’s sure got slogans. Some others we should expect to hear:

* “Grant me this one request: Grant me revenge!”

-- Schwarzenegger as Conan, praying to the god Crom in “Conan the Barbarian” (1982)

* “You’re luggage!”

-- As U.S. Marshal John Kruger, to an alligator he has shot in the head in “Eraser” (1996)


* “When the governor gets here, call me.”

-- As Jack Slater, after punching out the lieutenant governor in “Last Action Hero” (1993)

* “Stick around.”

-- As Maj. Dutch Schaefer, pinning a guerrilla soldier to a wall with a knife in “Predator” (1987)

* “An important rule in a crisis situation -- negotiate first, attack last. You never negotiated. You don’t know what kind of enemy I am.”

-- As Julius Benedict, to a bad guy before he throws him into an open elevator in “Twins” (1988)

* “No sequel for you.”

-- Slater as he shoots a serial killer in the eye in “Last Action Hero”

* “I know it sounds crazy, but I went to this Rekall place after work, and ... These men were going to kill me.... But I killed them!”

-- As Douglas Quaid in “Total Recall” (1990)

* “I don’t want to be taking lives. I wanna be -- enriching them.”

-- Slater in “Last Action Hero”

* “It must end here ... or I am the future.”

-- As Terminator, before melting himself down in “Terminator 2” (1991)

Source: Margaret Herrick Library script collection, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences