Subway stations need pit stops

I was indeed seduced by the subway ("L.A.'s train of thought," Jan. 16) and have enjoyed some short rides. I would like to look forward to many more rail adventures such as the "Points of Interest" listed.

There are, however, no restroom facilities at any of the stations where I have been. Talking with other riders, I heard the same complaint.

I have used subways in other U.S. cities and in Europe. They all have restrooms -- not fancy, to be sure, but available.

Joanne Nagy

Granada Hills


You neglected to credit the wonderful artist who designed the Hollywood and Vine station. He is Gilbert Lujan, a.k.a. Magu. His designs, inside and outside the station, make a visit both an utter delight and an artistic experience. Don't miss it!

Marilyn Granas

Beverly Hills

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