The Good News Is, He Can Call His Lawyer and Take His Own Mug Shot

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For today’s episode of Stupid Criminal Tricks, George Ehrnman of Upland alerted me to a newspaper article about a guy who stole a cell phone/digital camera from an electronics store.

Made a perfect getaway, too, the only problem being that, before leaving, he filled out a credit application using his real name and address, the Inland Valley Bulletin reported.

But that wasn’t all. The guy also left behind a photo of himself, downloaded into the Chino Hills store’s computer system, as he took pictures with the gizmo.


He was quickly arrested.

Quieter than a TV helicopter: Phil Proctor of Beverly Hills pointed out that drivers should feel protected when they drive by the artwork at the new cathedral in downtown L.A. (see photo).

You can’t surf City Hall: I didn’t feel like swimming in this June Gloom on Tuesday. So when David Story sent me the forecast, I worked at home rather than risk the surging ocean in downtown L.A. (see accompanying).

I admit it -- I’m no Peter Fonda: When Fonda realizes a tidal wave is about to hit what’s left of the quake-ravaged city in “Escape from L.A.,” he shouts, “Tsunami!” jumps on his board and surfs what looks like Sunset Boulevard east for several miles.

L.A. has always attracted healers: And Don Maddox of Tarzana and Lillian Klempfner of Encino found one who specializes (see accompanying).

Cell-phone trilogy: Ten-second dramas involving that infernal device:

* A boy snuggles up to his mother in the stands at a Little League game, only for her to say: “Would you give me some room? I’m on the phone.”

* My daughter is awakened by a midnight call on her cell phone and when she answers it, the caller snaps impatiently, “Who is this?”


* A spectator sitting in the back of the auditorium at a high school chorus recital receives a call and shouts into the phone, “You’ll have to speak louder! I can’t hear you!”

miscelLAny: A radio commercial for a “full body scan” said listeners who acted immediately would receive, as a special bonus, a “free brain scan.”

Good to hear that the company doesn’t discriminate against those of us who keep our brains stored in jars.

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