Our Candidate Selections

Here are The Times' recommendations for Los Angeles City Council, Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education and Los Angeles Board of Trustees Community College District elections today. To find your polling place, call (800) 815-2666.

City Council

District 2: Wendy Greuel

District 4: Tom LaBonge

District 6: Tony Cardenas

District 8: Bernard Parks

District 10: Madison Shockley

District 12: Greig Smith

District 14: Antonio Villaraigosa

Board of Education

District 1: Genethia Hudley-Hayes

District 3: Caprice Young

District 5: David Tokofsky

District 7: Mike Lansing

Community College District

District 1: Sylvia Scott-Hayes

District 3: Mona Field

District 5: Georgia L. Mercer

District 7: Warren T. Furutani

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