The best of the rest

“This Charming Man”

Martin Strange-Hansen, Mie Andreasen

Danish director Martin Strange-Hansen and producer Mie Andreasen were honored for “This Charming Man” (“Der er en Yndig Mand”), a 30-minute romantic comedy that cleverly depicts racism directed at immigrants.

A bureaucratic mix-up results in an unemployed man who signed up for a job training program being assigned to a class for Pakistanis, which turns out to be taught by an old high school acquaintance.


Immediately smitten, he pretends to be Pakistani to help her keep her new job while he tries to correct the government error. “This Charming Man” has already won several awards on the festival circuit. Strange-Hansen is a graduate of the National Danish Filmschool and won several awards for his first short film, “Feeding Desire,” last year. He is negotiating for an American remake of “Feeding Desire” as a feature.