The best of the rest


John Jackson, Beatrice De Alba

John Jackson and Beatrice De Alba won for their transformation of Salma Hayek into Mexican artist Frida Kahlo at several stages of her tragic life.

Makeup artist Jackson and hairstylist De Alba turned Hayek into the girlish Kahlo at 18, when she was nearly killed in a bus accident; at a more confident 22, when she married fellow artist Diego Rivera; at an anguished 30, when she had an affair with Leon Trotsky; and at a weary and painful 47, just before her death.


It was the first Oscar nomination for both. Jackson won a 1993 Emmy for aging James Woods in “Citizen Cohn” and has worked on numerous movies, from “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” to “Natural Born Killers” and “Girl, Interrupted.” De Alba’s credits range from “Leaving Las Vegas” to “The Mummy Returns.” They also won makeup honors from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts for “Frida.”


‘This fills me with great joy and a lot of sadness.... I have a friend who’s a soldier in Kuwait. I hope he makes it back.’

Adrien Brody, accepting his best actor award