Inglewood Election Will Be Monitored

Times Staff Writer

California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley says he will send monitors to next week's elections in Inglewood, where some civic leaders and candidates have complained that City Clerk Yvonne Horton has a conflict of interest.

Horton, who won the post in a special election Jan. 14, is vying with two others on April 1 for a four-year term. Her husband, Assemblyman Jerome Horton (D-Inglewood), has endorsed candidates in other local contests, including City Council and the school board. That has prompted some, including Mayor Roosevelt Dorn, to question whether Yvonne Horton should be conducting the election, and some leaders and candidates wrote letters to Shelley, the U.S. Justice Department and others asking for oversight.

"Ensuring voter confidence in the democratic process and maintaining the integrity of elections are two of my highest priorities," Shelley wrote in a letter to four of the candidates.

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