Anaheim Lifts Residential Motel Limits

From a Times Staff Writer

The Anaheim City Council agreed unanimously Tuesday to lift prohibitions on people staying more than 30 days at certain motels, reversing a policy that had been criticized by advocates for the poor.

To loud applause, the council voted 5-0 for two resolutions. The first precludes similar conditions on other motels or hotels. The second directs the Planning Commission to reopen public hearings on the 30-day requirement now in effect at three motels, with the aim of ending it.

The council agreed that the ordinance, intended to stem drug use and prostitution reported at some residential motels, has hurt the working poor.

In Orange County, residential motels charging $150 to $200 weekly are among the only affordable rentals. Advocates for the poor have contended the ordinance is unfair to those who can't afford a security deposit and first and last month's rent, and to the disabled.

Motel owners have said tenants who bring crime are not permanent residents but those who rent for one or two nights.

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