Steadfast Values Throughout the Ages

In my travels over the years, no town has quite captured my heart like Leipzig, for all the reasons mentioned in "Exhortations for Resistance Again Echo From Leipzig Pulpit" (March 26): Bach, the music and poetry (and I add the city's music and literary publishing industries as well as the composers Robert and Clara Schumann). But my love for this city has grown in the last two decades for a special reason: the St. Nikolai Church.

Once the place of Bach's university duties, now it is the gathering place for the fierce and staunch opposition of the citizenry to the oppressive regime of communist East Germany in 1989 and, today, to protest the aggression of the Bush administration. Bravo to Pastor Christian Fuehrer for his core Christian values of courage, conscience and caritas. His work is a shining light in an ever-darkening world.

Naomi Stephan

Oak View

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