Wow Voyager: Little Packed Dress

When it comes to looking good versus feeling comfortable, women travelers often feel forced to choose one over the other. But Dress in a Bag is here to bridge the chasm. Sold online by a retailer based in south Florida, the dress rolls up into a compact drawstring bag and comes in more than 30 style-and-color permutations (lime! red! kiwi!). The long-sleeved, ankle-grazing version in onyx may get you past the doorman at a London boite, while the scoop-necked number sprinkled with hibiscuses qualifies as luau-approved.

The garments are made of quality, stretchy knit rayon that, we are promised, takes up minimal space and shakes off wrinkles fast. Oh, and the bag doubles as a purse or beach tote.

Dress in a Bag, $52 to $74, (866) 44-DRESS,

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