Summerall Decides to Retire at 72

Longtime NFL announcer Pat Summerall informed Fox Sports on Thursday that he has decided to retire from broadcasting.

After 21 years of working alongside John Madden at CBS and Fox, Summerall was demoted from Fox’s lead announcing team before last season. He worked regional NFL telecasts, primarily Dallas Cowboy games.

Summerall, a resident of the Dallas suburb of Southlake, sought to work only Cowboy games this season. But Fox would not agree, so Summerall decided to retire.

Summerall, who turns 73 Saturday, said his health is fine. He has been associated with the NFL as a player and announcer for more than 50 years.


Ed Goren, Fox Sports president, said, “He gave us instant credibility the minute he stepped into our booth [in 1994]. Pat is not only a Hall of Fame announcer but one of the classiest gentlemen ever in this business.”