Dennis Rodman Turns 42 -- and Gets Hitched

Times Staff Writer

Dennis Rodman married his longtime girlfriend Michelle Moyer Tuesday in a private civil ceremony in Newport Beach. But the “real wedding,” the former NBA champion says, will take place on the second Saturday of June on the beach in front of his house.

“Everybody’s invited,” said Newport’s most famous party-giver, relaxing at the end of the bar at Josh Slocum’s, the restaurant he owns on West Coast Highway. “We will have a ceremony and a concert too!”

Rodman and Moyer, 36, tied the knot on his 42nd birthday.

The couple met in a bar four years ago and have two children together: a son, D.J., 2; and a daughter, Trinity, 1.


They maintain separate residences two miles apart in Newport Beach.

“We won’t live together,” said Rodman, who’s been married twice before. “I like it like that. She and the kids come over on weekends.”

Rodman said of his new wife: “She keeps me balanced; she’s cool.”