Home Business Owner Hits Sympathetic Chord

Re “Shop Owner, City Have a Score to Settle,” May 18:

What a perfect example of bureaucracy run amok, mindlessly applying rules without intelligent consideration of the consequences.

How silly and how sad that this harmless woman, who for more than 20 years has enhanced her community by renting and repairing musical instruments for schoolchildren, must resort to suing Laguna Hills in order to be let alone. Isn’t there anybody running this city who can cut this woman some slack -- and save the taxpayers the cost of defending the suit she was forced to file? Can’t we ever consider human values over the inviolability of rules in our over-regulated society?

Candace M. Carroll


La Jolla


Rebecca Apodaca is pursuing a noble profession: the repair of musical instruments.

My, what a danger to the neighborhood she must be. You’d think she was drilling for oil in her backyard the way crime-bustin’ City Atty. Dan Spradlin is going after this lady.


It sounds as if Apodaca found a fine calling. She is the embodiment of the American dream. She is happily self-employed, self-supporting and loved by her neighbors and her customers. Not exactly the Bernie Ebbers or Ken Lay type, is she?

So here’s the solution:

1. Laguna Hills should stop this malcontent city attorney in his tracks, then fire him.

2. Reimburse Apodaca for any money and time lost in this fight and charge it against Spradlin’s last paycheck.


David Ohman