Disneyana goes up for auction

If you feel shut out of the new Walt Disney Concert Hall, take heart. Everything from refrigerator magnets and souvenir programs to tickets to Berlin Philharmonic and Los Angeles Philharmonic concerts has been put up for sale on EBay, the world's largest Web auctioneer. Prices are unpredictable, however. One Oct. 23 gala program booklet recently sold for $77.76, but it did include an authentic piece of confetti that "actually fell from the ceiling at the opening." Another sold for only $66.55. Maybe it had no confetti. And maybe deflation has set in. A similar program -- with a half-foot-long magnet depicting the exterior and interior of the hall -- was being offered last week for $12.99. A fourth program was being offered at $9.99. Probably no magnet.

Other tchotchkes that have exchanged hands include a Disney Hall clock -- after nine bids that ended at nearly $50 -- and medallions commemorating the premiere of the movie "The Matrix Revolutions" at the hall, for up to $70. At the high-art end, sadly, an original oil plein-air painting of the hall under construction had been marked down at press time from $1,200 to $999 after receiving no bids at the starting price and was still available.

Prices for tickets to concerts are all over the map. Two tickets to a Berlin Philharmonic concert to be led by Simon Rattle this month were put on offer for the amazingly low starting bid of $100. On the other hand, a pair of tickets to a February Mozart-Bruckner program by the Los Angeles Philharmonic led by Franz Welser-Most were starting at $799.99. A pair of tickets to the Tchaikovsky "Pathetique" by the Philharmonic led by assistant conductor Yasuo Shinozaki sold for $900. Some of this is just craziness, but there would appear to be lots of opportunities remaining to get in on the excitement.

-- Chris Pasles

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