Land Rush to New Zealand May Devastate Local Economy

The great land rush from the U.S. to New Zealand is certainly going to line the pockets of American entrepreneurs, but I would expect New Zealanders to be the big losers in the long term ("It Reminds Them of California," by Corie Brown, Oct. 26). Many parts of the U.S. have had their economies devastated by developers. They raise prices to levels that the local residents cannot afford, and then they move on to greener pastures and new thrills.

Unfortunately, the locals end up paying the bills for increased public services and lose access to places of beauty that have been taken over by the rich interlopers. New Zealanders should put pressure on their representatives to limit the damage caused by American invaders and not blame Americans for what is happening to their country.

John Moran



It's true that some New Zealanders are upset from time to time about foreign buyers. But it's not true that their objections could be termed a "hatred of Americans." It is just not the Kiwi way. Kiwis are not haters. I have never experienced any negative reaction to my being an American in New Zealand. Kiwis almost universally seem to like Americans and are quite open about it.

Eric von Hurst

Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand

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