Assessing Davis and His Legacy

Re "Davis Says Circumstances Beat Him, Hints of Return," Nov. 17: Since when should a recall election funded by angry millionaires after an honest election a few months earlier -- and still being affirmed by 45% of the voters -- be a cause for shame for former Gov. Gray Davis? For what evil or immoral acts should he be "shamed"?

This article, to me, is a particularly unkind and harsh assessment of a man who truly has suffered "humiliation" for doing nothing wrong, except (perhaps) making mistakes like any other human being. Why can we not give him a little kindness and respect in response to the graciousness he has shown in defeat?

Juanita Shenk



Re "Left-Wing Mutineers Did In Davis," Opinion, Nov. 16: Josh Benson seems to feel that Democrats who didn't support Davis during his humiliating ouster are traitors to their party. Yet he points out that Davis has a machine-cold personality, mishandled major crises, had a lack of vision, was afraid of big choices and big ideas and tried to shake down a teachers association for $1 million. Weren't those Democrats who wouldn't rally behind Davis simply facing the reality that his motivations had become irreparably corrupt and that he was simply inept? Those people are to be congratulated for viewing the facts on the basis of right and wrong and not simply upon party affiliation.

Steven Johnson

Redondo Beach


Re "After 5 Years, Davis Leaves a Lasting Imprint," Nov. 15: In recounting Davis' legacy, you omitted mention of the diversity and quality of his judicial appointments, for which he deserves credit.

Linda Vogel


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