Limbaugh's Return to Radio

Re "Limbaugh Returns to Air After Stay in Drug Rehab," Nov. 18: Rush Limbaugh immediately reassures his listeners that his brief stint in rehab (as opposed to the lengthy jail time he feels drug abusers should get) did not turn him into a "linguini-spined liberal." How sad and pathetic that he clings to his narrow-minded ignorance and hypocrisy in a misfired attempt to save face.

I think most people were simply hoping that the dead lump in his chest that used to be his heart would somehow come back to life. I was hoping that he was capable of developing some compassion for those whom he directed his hatred at, now that he has walked in their shoes. I guess I greatly underestimated the power of insecurity and hate.

Oh, and by the way, it wasn't a "linguini-spined liberal" who became addicted to black-market narcotics due to an inability to deal with reality. It was Limbaugh, a human being with human weaknesses, who needed a helping hand just like those who he demands be thrown into jail.

Timothy Viselli

La Canada


The revelation about Rush's drug use explains a lot. The FCC should instigate random drug testing among all of his proteges who host radio talk shows.

Gene Herd

Sherman Oaks


The whole Limbaugh thing is no more than a cheap Republican trick to take the drug vote from the Democrats.

Marshall Bell

Los Angeles

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