When Celebrity Warps Values and News Coverage

Re "Warrant Out for Michael Jackson," Nov. 20: I do not understand how any halfway responsible parents could allow their 12-year-old to associate with a man like Michael Jackson. Have they not watched TV or read a newspaper in the last 10 years? I can only think that they were so dazzled by Jackson's celebrity and money that they chose to ignore his unfortunate history with little boys. Why aren't they being charged with child endangerment or negligence?

Mary Ellen Barnes

San Pedro


It's disturbing to see so many people so eager to condemn Jackson for allegations that are yet to be proved in court. Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?

It seems that in recent years, due in no small part to the media's overzealous attention to scandals, the people of this country have been led to believe the complete opposite of this moral mantra, a mantra that is the basis of the American justice system.

Nick Pernisco

Van Nuys


On Wednesday night I watched in disgust as the three major television networks, with at least two news helicopters circling the Santa Barbara airport, waited for a glimpse of Michael Jackson. I could only think that for the sake of a few possible photos of Jackson, these news helicopters were endangering innocent travelers by occupying already crowded airspace. What a dangerous and irresponsible thing to do!

Further, what a waste of time. I tune into television news for real news, not a freeway pursuit and certainly not to perhaps see a helicopter lose control and kill many innocent people.

Kenneth P. Hahn

Los Angeles


Am I the only person on this planet who doesn't give a rat's patootie whether Jackson is a child molester? I am disgusted with the media for all the coverage of this non-news. It would be nice if TV, radio and the newspapers would just report the facts. Let the members of the public do their own speculating. To take up an entire "news" program with what might be is unacceptable.

Ron Reinholdson


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