Early to bed, no mosh pit

The brash, foulmouthed singer for the classic Orange County punk band T.S.O.L., Grisham is a real spaz on stage, but at home, it's early to bed. A gubernatorial candidate this year, Grisham received 2,200 votes.

Square punker

I get up and have coffee with my friends at 6 every morning. We go sit and we talk for a while. I come home and I play with my kids. If the surf is good, I go out surfing. Or I'll take my kids and will go out for a drive somewhere, go for a hike or we'll go down to Crystal Cove in Newport Beach and go walk along the tide pools. Or maybe we'll go to a park. Sometimes, we'll go feed the ducks. We go to Central Park in Huntington Beach.

I'm so square, man. I'm, like, totally square. People think punk-rock-band guy, I got to be out, you know, sneaking around with a chainsaw at night or something. But my friends know that you better not call my house after 9 unless you have a gun in your mouth.

Reading time

I go to the main library in Huntington Beach a lot. I grab stuff off the shelves and read there. History books, political books, science fiction, I read practically everything. Sometimes I spend hours there. I'll take my daughter with me 'cause they have this thing where they have grandparents come in and read books to kids. And my daughter only has one living grandparent. She doesn't have a grandfather. So, then I can just wander around, read stuff and walk in the pretty park outside.


I like to go to places that I've never been, just kind of drive around. I'll see a road somewhere that I've never been on and I'll go and see where it ends up. I'll go up to the mountains, go hiking around, pull off and eat at some funky restaurant.

Sometimes something will come on TV, like Huell Howser will be talking about something and then I'll just go drive out and see it. Or I'll be driving around and I'll see old buildings and just stop and get out. If I see old warehouses that I can get into, I'll just go wander around in them.

A friend of mine told me where there was an old dump from the '20s off the 14. So I just drove out there [and] ... wandered around and found old bottles, glass and trash.

Sometimes, I go down to the harbor and wander around the old docks near Wilmington. Or I'll go up to the Korean Bell in San Pedro and wander around on the cliffs. But I never go to nightclubs. I'm in bed by 8.

Hang 10

I go surfing a lot. There are spots all over the place that I like. It just depends on when the waves are good. I love San Diego. La Jolla is one of my all-time favorite spots to surf. I really like Wind and Sea. It's a great surf spot. It's got some history. There used to be a crew of guys who surfed in La Jolla. Tom Wolfe wrote a book about them. It's just kind of cool to go there and think that these guys surfed that same spot.

At home, I always surf the north side of the Huntington Pier. I basically live there, so I just go right across the street. And I always wear Speedos. I wear them around the water all the time, and you'd be surprised at how angry people get about your choice of swim attire. They yell at you and they just don't like it.

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