How to Report Illegal Leaf Blowers


George Epstein (letter, Oct. 1) says he had leaves and debris blown in his path by a leaf blower as he walked through his neighborhood. It should be noted that gas-powered leaf blowers are all but illegal in L.A. neighborhoods. A 1998 law forbids the use of gas-powered blowers within 500 feet of a residence at any time, punishable by a $100 fine for both the user and the person who contracted for the services of the user.

It’s probably one of the most flagrantly ignored laws in L.A., with thousands of gardeners using these illegal, incredibly noisy and harmfully polluting devices every day. Citizens disturbed by blowers do have recourse, however; they can call the leaf blowers hotline to report violators and their contractors. The number is (213) 473-4486.

Chuck Moshontz

Los Angeles