Novelist Confronts a Shady Character

Isn’t it enough that authors have to wrestle with publishers, book reviewers and a fickle public?

Novelist John Morgan Wilson also had to grapple with a would-be car thief in West Hollywood as he was about to leave on a promotional tour for his mystery “Blind Eye.”

Though the suspect was in his 20s, the 58-year-old Wilson subdued him until sheriff’s deputies arrived. Wilson, who wrestled at Mira Costa High and San Diego State, had the guy in a chokehold, which, he admitted, is “illegal in amateur wrestling.” Hey, it’s no holds barred in the publishing biz.

Guide to Adventurous Dining: Today’s items du column (see accompanying) include:


* A kid’s menu with a fairly grown-up beverage (photo by Brad Liston).

* Another strange juvenile offering (submitted by John Sherwood).

* And, finally, something for those who don’t care how they take their carbs (F. Jane Bush of Palm Desert).

More food for thought: The Clippers’ Bobby Simmons declared the other day that he wasn’t looking forward to the team’s trip to Japan because “I don’t like Chinese food.” I’m wondering if Simmons grew confused after seeing a local Genghis Khan restaurant (see photo).


Giving the Denver Boot the boot: The Laguna News-Post recounted the unusual arrest of “a suspect in the theft of a Laguna Beach parking immobilization boot.” Not surprisingly, the alleged thief of the boot was also the owner of the booted car.

Police Sgt. Jason Kravetz told the News-Post that the suspect’s car was found with the boot in the trunk.

Kravetz said that in the 15 years the device had been used by Laguna Beach -- for vehicles with five or more outstanding tickets -- only about four had been removed.

In each case, he added, the removal caused “significant damage” to the car.


miscelLAny: Jokes about the Shaq-Kobe feud are popping up around the country, including one about the two Laker stars being ready to hug and make up. Tom FitzGerald’s column in the San Francisco Chronicle carried a rumor that Kobe, who bought a $4-million ring for his wife a few months ago, was seen buying more jewelry the other day.

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